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The library is here to support you!

Information Literacy 

The library offers so much more than just books and equipment! As librarians, our expertise lies in research and the critical evaluation of information. We want to work with your students to help them find the information they need and build information literacy skills that will help them be discerning consumers and producers of information throughout their professional and personal lives.

Your Librarian


Hi! I'm Ashley and I'm your new librarian!

I have been working in libraries for almost a decade

and I LOVE critical information literacy instruction.


My specialties include research in the Social Sciences

and Health Sciences (I was a Business Librarian for

3 years - so definitely hit me with your tough industry

and company questions :-). I can't wait to work with

your students and help support your course learning objectives!

In Class / Virtual Research Sessions

What? A 30-60 minute class session tailored to the research needs of your specific students! We can collaborate to focus in on your students' research needs and assignments. Here are some times I usually drop in: 

  • Rolling out a big research assignment? I can show your students where to find sources relevant to their topic
  • Noticing your students struggle with common aspects of information literacy - such as finding sources, using information that is biased or unsubstantiated, or citing improperly? I can help with all these things!
  • Having a research work day? I can pop in to be available for questions! 

Where? I can visit your classroom in person or pop in to your synchronous virtual session

How? Just send me an email!

What will my students learn? The sky is the limit, but here are some common topics: 

  • How to find and evaluate peer-reviewed journal articles in their field
  • How to search for books, e-books, videos, news articles, current events, etc.
  • Resources the library provides
  • Where to access Academic Support, Peer Tutoring, and Computer/Technology Support
  • Resources specific to course or assignments

Visit the Library

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT CLASS DROP-INS: Due to COVID-19 space limitations, we ask that you please schedule an appointment in advance if you would like to bring your class to the library for an orientation so we can safely accommodate everyone. (Please note that the learning studio is not available at this time.) 



What will my class do at the library? We have options...

1. “Hunt” around the Student Resource Center to introduce students to space and services (10-15 min)
Typically first 2-3 weeks of term. Email for more info. Learn about:

  • Where to access Academic Support, Peer Tutoring, and Technology Support
  • What devices and equipment are available for check out
  • An evening computer lab is open from 6-10 PM

Can't make it to the library? Keeping things virtual? Check out this ONLINE SCAVENGER HUNT for your students! 

2.  Library Orientation Session (approx. 20 minutes)
Come visit during the first 3 weeks of term. Email for more info. Students Learn:

  • How to find and evaluate peer-reviewed journal articles
  • How to search for books, e-books, videos, news articles, current events, etc.
  • That they can check out laptops and equipment
  • Where to access Academic Support, Peer Tutoring, and Online/Computer Support

The library is open! We look forward to seeing you and your students. If you'd like to have a library research day at the library please email us!

Individual & Group Research Consultations

  • Available in-person and via chat, phone, text, and email
  • One-on-one and group in-depth research consultations by appointment (for faculty too!)
  • Set up an appointment in Navigate

Instructional Videos and Tutorials

  • The library has many pre-made instructional videos covering a plethora of topics that can be linked to right in your Blackboard course page, including: 
    • Searching EBSCO
    • LinkedIn Learning
    • APA and MLA Citation Basics
    • Evaluating Information 
  • I can also make custom videos and tutorials on any information literacy topic your students need!